Hi, Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. my name is Ken, I am a Photographer from Plymouth United Kingdom that specializes in documentary, street photography and environmental portraiture.

 I also shoot reportage styled weddings, sometimes also known as Documentary, candid or journalistic wedding photography. 

For me, a good image is one that portrays life, energy or emotion to create a connection with the viewer.

I am always hungry for that perfect image and strive to tell a story that may be untold, in order to generate intrigue curiosity or emotion through honest depictions of events. For example with wedding photography it will be my aim to bring to life your wedding in a way that will give you a gift of lasting memories capturing those special moments as they unfold, this will result in far more meaningful memory than group shots smiling for a camera. which is the reason I do not shoot traditional wedding photography, but focus on a focused documentary approach.

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