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I’m a Plymouth-based photographer, and living in the South West gives me some fantastic opportunities to take some great imagery. Devon is steeped in History, and has some excellent locations and scenery for photo shoots. But hey, we are in the 21s Century. No distance is too far to travel, and my passport is up to date.

If I said I’m a portrait and headshot photographer, that would be true, but I also shoot weddings, family events, images for theatre and film, (known as unit stills photography) and editorial documentary subjects.

I love working with people. Photographing people from all walks of life is as much a passion as a career choice for me. I feel that on every photo-shoot, whether it is in a studio or out on a location, the shoot is as much about the relationship with the client as it is about the images I take. I want to create a friendly, happy environment for the client, and this is especially helpful for those who are nervous in front of the camera.

I am working on a personal project of homelessness in London at the moment. My project is named “London streets are paved with gold.” My homeless project is a sad story, but one I strongly feel needs to be told. I have taken the time to speak to some of the people in these images, when possible, and I can honestly say what happened to some of these people to get them to where they are, can happen to anyone.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe that to be true, but then writing was never my strong point. if you like the style of my work, let’s talk about working together, either on a commission basis or a combined project.

If you need to contact me regarding my services or to talk to me to discuss collaborating on joint projects together  you can do so by contact me ether below on on this page or from the menu above I will try to get back to you withing the next 24 hours.

Update. I am in the process of moving over to self-hosting as printing via smug mugs is forcing me to charge more due to the overpriced print options in addition I feel plus postage is expensive which I have no control over. Furthermore by default Smug mug take control of contracts for digital download with no option of custom contracts, meaning Digital is out for me. Smugmugs  brand themselves all over my shopping cart (11 places in total) plus the shopping cart contact me takes the buyer to smug mugs customer help and not me so if there is an issue I will not be aware of this which is not good for business.

I am therefor switching with elegant themes I am constructing a test site first after this site will change.

if you by chance are looking for a good Word-press option I feel they offer a lot of value for money plus don't brand all over your site. I am an affiliate for elegant themes and I would not put my reputation to anything I do not believe in hence you will not find an affiliate link for my smug mug site.

I do not like to leave on a negative so I will say this for smug mugs the support and help I have found is second to none, response time has always been within 1 hour for me.

I love the Smugmug templates and easy to add image features so its not all bad. 

If you are not looking to sell your work and are ok with smug mugs branding then I would recommend them as an alternative.

Feel free to click my affiliate banner below to check out elegant themes for yourself they offer a money back guarantee.

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